Frequenlty Asked Questions


  • How far in advance can I register?
    Timing for registration may vary slightly between exhibitions; however, visitors can generally pre-register to attend at least three months prior to the show. Details concerning registration appear on the exhibition website.
  • How late can I register?
    Online registration is available right up until the exhibition closes, so you can register online at any time. Alternatively, visitors may register to attend at the registration desk near the entrance at any time during an event. It is recommended that visitors complete online pre-registration to avoid a potential delay in registering onsite at the show.
  • How can I register?
    There are two ways to register for the show. The quickest and most recommended way is to register online by simply clicking on the flashing icon at the top of the page and completing the online form. You will need to bring your email confirmation with you, so you can collect your badge at the show entry. Alternatively, you can register onsite upon your arrival.
  • How much is it to register and attend the exhibition?
    The Visual Impact Exhibitions are FREE to visit.
  • Do I need to register for a particular day/s?
    No, you can come whenever you want, as often as you like, just keep your badge with you when you leave. If you have lost or discarded your badge, visit the registration desk at the show entrance and they will provide you with a replacement.
  • What happens when I register?
    Your name is entered on the visitor database, and you will receive an email confirmation. You will need to bring your email confirmation with you to the show, so you can collect your badge at the entry.
  • Can you check my registration?
    Yes. Please email to check if your registration has successfully been submitted. If in doubt we suggest you simply register again.
  • What if my badge is not correct?
    If you notice your badge is incorrect when you arrive at the show a new badge can be printed for you. We regret we cannot make corrections before the show
  • I’ve just registered myself for Visual Impact, but now I would like to register additional colleagues.
    You simply need to go back onto the registration page and complete a registration for them. They will be sent separate confirmation emails.
  • How can I get to the exhibition?
    OEach venue is different. For accurate, up-to-date information visit the particular exhibition page.
  • Are there parking facilities close by?
    Again, each venue is different. It is best to check the relevant exhibition page for accurate information.
  • Is there a cloakroom or somewhere to store my purchases at the show?
    There are no cloakroom facilities inside Visual Impact, however you should contact the venue directly for details on their cloakroom facilities.
  • Are there child-minding facilities available?
    There are no child-minding facilities available. However, we do allow children to accompany parents. Children over the age of 12 must be registered and wear an ID name badge at all times. Children under 12 are not required to be registered or wear a badge. All children must be controlled and supervised at all times.
  • Are there accommodation facilities close by?
    Have a look at the accommodation section of the website. We have a selection of hotels available near to the exhibition for you to look at.
  • What are the conditions of entry?
    Visual Impact is a trade-only exhibition. All visitors must register and wear ID name badges, which must be visible at all times. Once registered, you are able to enter the show as many times as you like over the duration of the event. A person who is not an exhibitor and is observed conducting sales activities during the exhibition will be excluded from the event. Trade suppliers are not eligible to attend the event unless exhibiting or working with another exhibitor
  • I am an international guest; do I need a visa to enter Australia?
    If so, can you provide me with an invitation letter so I can apply for a visitor visa?
    Most visitors will require a Visa to enter Australia. Applications need to be made well in advance at the Australian Consulate in your own country or in some cases can be made online. For more information visit the Australian Government Immigration site. It is not our company policy to provide invitation letters to visitors wishing to attend our shows. For more information on what to do you are best to visit the Department of Immigration website.
  • Can you tell me if XYZ is exhibiting?
    The exhibition floor plan is updated regularly, so it is best to check there for the latest list of exhibitors.
  • I have another question, how do I get answers?
    Please email your question to us at


  • How far in advance can I erect my exhibit?
    Floor space only exhibitors are provided with extra time to erect their custom built stands, as opposed to shell scheme exhibitors who only require dressing their stand. Exhibitors are afforded between one and three days to erect their exhibits. Check the exhibitor manual closer to the show for exact dates and times.
  • Are there approved suppliers who can help me build an exhibit stand?
    Yes, each exhibition has appointed approved suppliers to construct your stand. A range of furniture will also be available for hire during the exhibition. Check the exhibitor manual closer to the show for details on these suppliers.
  • Is storage available at the Exhibition Centres and if so, is there a charge?
    No, storage facilities are not available onsite. Any exhibitor requiring onsite storage must contact the appointed contractor. Fees will vary between exhibitions and are dependant on how much storage space is required. The exhibitor manual available closer to the show will have details about storage.
  • What type of stand should I book – shell scheme or floor space?

    Every company has their own budget and needs, and this will reflect the type of stand built.

    For smaller exhibition stands (i.e. 18sqm or less) we only accept shell scheme bookings. This stand type includes exhibition carpet, walling (if required), standard power and lighting (you are able to upgrade depending on your requirements, and this must be done through the appropriate approved supplier). It is cheaper in the long run to book this type of stand.

    Floor space stands come with nothing, except the concrete space. To utilise this space, you need to arrange for your own flooring, walling (if required), power and lighting.

    For larger exhibition stands it really depends on how you want to show off your company and products.

  • Are there any ways I can promote my stand at the show?

    Yes! The best way is to use our exhibition logo in your advertisements and email signatures. The logo is available for download from the exhibition web page.

    Another way is to send out the exhibitor invitations we provide you with to your customers. You could include these with your parcels, invoices or statements. You could also do a special mail out telling them about what you’ve got going on during the show such as product releases, workshops or special guests.

    At the entry to the show there are show bags visitors can pick up on their way in. We offer exhibitors the opportunity to include a promotional item, such as a flyer, pen or mints in these bags. If you are interested in doing something like this, send us an email and we’ll provide you with more information.

    In the visitor bags, we also include the visitor guide. The guide is the official exhibition directory that contains profiles on every exhibiting company, as well as a comprehensive listing of categories the exhibitors deal in. Closer to the exhibition, all exhibitors will be prompted to submit their details.

    We also offer exhibitors the opportunity to advertise in the guide. If you are interested in advertising in the guide, send us an email and we’ll provide you with more information.

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