Alfex CNC

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ALFEX: CNC. additive. laser. specialists across our 3 divisions, with complimentary technologies offered by each, Alfex supplies not only the very latest equipment but also service, support, training and consultation to all of our customers Australia-wide. Haas CNC machine tools and automation including verticals, lathes, horizontals, rotaries & indexers markforged industrial 3D printers with continuous carbon fiber reinforcement for aluminium strength parts and metal printers for copper, stainless steel, tool steel, titanium and more. Epilog laser systems provide a full line of gantry based CO2 and fiber laser systems for cutting and marking almost any material. Lotus laser high-speed galvo laser marking systems for industry. fiber, CO2 and UV laser sources allow marking on all materials including sensiplastics, electronics, glass and more.

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Address: 10 Northgate Drive
Thomastown VIC 3074
Phone: +61 3 9359 0688