Xinghua Textile Flags Co

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Xinghua Textile Flags Co., Ltd. is the expert of the flag industry including national flag, advertisement flag, swooper flags, car flag , handshake flag, beach flag, feather flags, teardrop flags, flying banners, vinyl banners ,PVC banners, mesh banners and all custom flags. We strive to offer flags at an affordable price but without compromising on quality and detail, thereby ensuring that when you buy a flag from us, you know you are getting the best possible deal.We pride ourselves on providing the excellent quality products to the customers. We have regular print runs and digital print capabilities for effective and speedy results.

Contact Details
Address: No.7 Zhaoping Road, Lincheng Community
Xinghua Jiangsu 225700
Phone: +05 23 8324 8520
Website: www.